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My rescue-kitten Pebbles was diagnosed with dry neuro FIP on 10 Feb 2020 after a CT scan. The specialist-vet advised me to just "not let her wake up from the anesthetic". Fortunately I had read articles about the research on treating FIP that Dr P was doing. That happened a few years earlier, by accident, when I was looking for information about FIV+ cats, the other ugly virus. I'm so glad I still remembered that I had been reading about his FIP-research too that back then when the vet gave me the FIP-diagnose! So I did not listen to the specialist-vet and after searching the internet I ended up with FIP Warriors. On 15 Feb 2020 Pebbles started the treatment. She was treated for 168 days non-stop (84 days plus extensions; first she hit a plateau in her improvement and after that we extended more to get better bloodwork). On 31 July we were cleared to enter observation. On 24 October 2020 Pebbles completed a smooth observation period and now, one year later (submission date: 25 October 2021) she is still doing great! Pebbles was treated with oral GS. She turned from a skinny wobbly sick 1.6 kg-kitten into a magnificent, athletic 5 kg-ball of energy :)
I hope the medication will become legally available for all vets and cat parents. All FIP-cats should deserve a chance to be treated. Pebbles and I continue our battle against FIP by sharing our story via my cat grooming salon’s website, through Facebook and in magazines (for instance the magazine of the Animal Ambulance in Amsterdam that is send to all vets in Amsterdam). We are also helping other FIP-kitties getting started by showing them the way to the Dutch FIP Warrior group. Our own battle was won, but we’re still on a mission! :)