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I rescued a litter of 8 week old kittens from our local shelter, and one was especially thin and sick with a uri...I thought it was a miracle he even made it, but he did. Peanut fattened up well, was an absolutely precious, playful, affectionate little guy and while his siblings all got adopted, Peanut was to be mine forever. I started noticing an eye pigment change from light brown to dark brown...and a few other things that just didn't add up as being ok. Long story short, my veterinarian at first was stumped, but then told me she was certain he had the beginning stages of FIP. I immediately got online and on the advice of a group, ordered a drug that had promising results. Peanut however declined very quickly, and in the end could not use his back legs. He was sweet and lovable to the end, and I think of him every day. I have been in cat rescue for many years and have encountered several die of this vicious disease, and it's one of the hardest things we ever have to go through. Thanks to Peter and all of the folks who are working so hard to help fight this awful heartbreaking disease.