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I bought 2 kittens back in March 2019, one Orange - Peaches, and one Cream colored - Honey Bear. They are brothers and born on March 25 2019. I brought them home June 5th. The breeder had got them their first shots because I needed that in order for them to cross the boarder. About 2 days after their shots, there was a marked change in Peaches. He was not as playful as he was before and all he wanted to do was sleep. I went to pick them up 4 days after those shots. I did my research and found that some kittens could have a reaction to the shots that could last up to 2 weeks, so I decided to bring him home anyway. 3 days after being home with me, he got a runny nose and when I picked him up, I noticed his belly was extremely bloated. Took him to the vet, and they gave a course of amoxicillin for upper respiratory infection. Did one week of the amoxicillin and the belly boating was not going down so took him back to the Vet where they did blood work, and took a sample of the belly fluid. He was diagnosed with FIP and I was advised to put him down. he passed away June 22 2019, by euthanasia. He came from a litter of 3 babies, I still have his brother Honey Bear but he has some issues at the moment as well, not FIP, at least he has not been diagnosed with it. His father was the carrier of the FIP and he succumbed to it less than a month ago, and my baby's sister Olive, (not mine) started having seizures less than 2 weeks ago and she too, had to be euthanized. So now I have my precious Honey Bear, who's whole family except for his mother, has succumbed to FIP and I am very worried that he too will gt this damn disease! Currently, he has elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood cell count. He is still eating, has a healthy appetite, he runs and plays. He seems normal and FIP free for now?? Please pray for him.