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My cat was suspected with dry FIP, at first i think there might be a chance because i thought, oh she can go back as normal after give some of the medicine. the vet have told me that this disease have no cure. it was 2 years bfore one of my cat have the same situation, and warded him for about a weeks, ( dont know the virus name) undertermine virus is what the vet told me. (30% chance to survive) then he survive until now, but not the same for Panther, she lost a lot of weight drastically in 1 week. i need to feed her every single day, but she dont want to swallow either the food or medicine. i gave her with all my love . i try to persuade her with variety of wet food and kibbles. 3 days before, she gave good feedback, walking,eating, drinking. but then she doesnt want to eat. she is having malnutrition i think, im a little bit busier than before because of my work. im tired, so im not concern as always, until the last day she fight the disease. go to the vet again, hoping she might gonna through this again, after dripping water mix with glucose,but before that she is having a cramp from head to toe.(before go to the vet for the second time). Sadly, after 2-3 hours laterin our home, she is already gone.. sad to see her like that.