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Pancake Stiles

This precious lil guy is Pancake. He is four months old. We are so thankful  to be a part of this group! Pancake was diagnosed with FIP on 1/29/2022. We have completed four days of  injections every 12 hours. Today, this sweet baby has finally shown some progress! His little belly swelled so much, 17 inches around! That's a lot for such a little guy! We are happy to say this morning he has measured at 15 inches! I'm sure that's a lot of relief of pressure for him. He has kept a good appetite and even better attitude through this. He is a very spirited little guy. He has a great team to help him through his fight! Of course, as life would have it, this is happening during a very rough financial time for us. We are at the beginning of our journey and have a way to go. If you find it in your heart to help us with our tiny fighter, we would greatly appreciate it! God bless ❤😻

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