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Please help us save Oscar, a 5 month old kitten whose future depends on having access to a life-saving medicine.

Frank R. was a trucker for over 10 years. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, he suddenly found himself out of work. 

During a long-term stay at a local motel, he found and befriended a small kitten who poked his head out the garbage dumpster as Frank passed by. Because of where he found the kitten, Frank named him Oscar after the character on Sesame Street. Frank nursed him back to health, and soon Oscar was plump and healthy. And caring for Oscar brought Frank a sense of purpose and a feeling of gratitude. They loved one another.

Frank was able to move himself and Oscar into an apartment. Things were looking up for both of them! However, shortly after their move, Oscar was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis.) The disease is 100% fatal unless treated with anti-viral drugs. 

These drugs cost $25 per day and must be administered every day for 12 weeks via injection. Oscar must be monitored every month by a veterinarian to make sure he is progressing. With treatment, FIP is curable 80-90% of the time.

We are asking for donations on behalf of Frank to help save his best friend. Whether you choose to donate the amount to cover one dose or four, we are grateful for any help we receive. Thank you!

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