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My name is Orville. I am only 1 year's old. The week before labor day weekend I was really sick. I did not want to eat or drink or move much. My mommy became worried and took me to a veterinarian. We did xrays, bloodwork and a bunch of thing's I wasn't quite pleased with. We found some fluids in my belly area. My mommy started to cry with concerns of something called FIP. A few day's later she took me another veterinarian for a second opinion and he told her I had FIP and I was going to die. I looked at my mother. She herself has been fighting for her life due to health complications, illnesses and disabilities and she has been a fighter and so strong but I saw her world shatter at this news. I looked at her and cried to her "I dont want to die! I want to live! I want to go home and be with my brothers and sisters and daddy!" She understood and we reached out for help for awnsers. Mommy got connected to some people and she now has some amazing friends. They have a drug that can cure me!!! FIP isn't a death sentence anymore like many veterinarian's believe. Unfortunately it's really expensive. Each vial costs $80.00 dollars it's called Beat/Oscar. I need 74 more vials total to make sure I complete my 84 day treatment. He needs one vial a day to live. I need you to please help save my life. I want to live! I want to eat grass and feel the sunshine on my face. I want to keep sleeping with my twin brother for naps or bedtime. I want my daily kisses from my big sister who think's she's a cat but I'm sure she is a German Shepherd. We can't do it without your help. Please give me a chance to live.

Team Orville is asking for donations to save Orville's life. He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. A little about Orville. His brother Wilbur and him were found starving and malnourished. The area he was in actually wanted to kill him and his brother. They both came to my house. At this time they were fluffy little feral babies. They thought they were so big with their hisses and fluffy tails. After weeks with working with them they were love bug's. They were going to be adopted out as a bonded pair. Well they had a trick up their mittens. They wanted to stay apart of our family. So to everyone who tried to do a meet and greet they acted up so they wouldn't show intrest. Well it worked and we adopted them and now we have them and six other cat's and a German Shepherd. Yes our house is full and busy but full of the purest love. Our family has been going through a lot lately. Orville's mother has been fighting for her life as well. She has been very sick with complications with her health, illnesses and disabilities. She is stabilizing but we are not out of the woods and she unfortunately relapses. Due to this she hasn't been able to work. So our little family has been feeling hardships medically and financially. Our family is devastated by this news. We want to save our baby boy! We are begging for your help! Please join Team Orville and help be a cheerleader in his life. We would love to have you! You are important and you matter. Without you we can't save him. Please help be our hero and donate to Orville. We love you and bless you and your family, friends and fur babies.

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