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His name was Onyx. This strange couple at a foster event were horribly rude and about to adopt this black kitten just because of his color, without touching him or even giving a second thought to the others. They had no idea this kitten had survived a surgery for a woodworm stuck in his cheek, or that he had neurological issues like a stumble and a lazy eye. They never got close enough to him to know, they just wanted a cool black cat. They glared at us for holding him and waited for us to put him back in his cage with their arms folded, staring us down as though we were disgusting them. We didn’t put him back, we took him home right away. Only a month later after we took him home Onyx was diagnosed with one of the worst diseases a cat can get. FIP. It’s very difficult to catch it early on, so I don’t blame the foster home at all. It’s so hard to tell until it’s too late. They determined his lazy eye and twitch was from FIP early onset. We received the best care and support from the vet Dr. Alford at Compainion Animal Care. They were an amazing and caring staff, they did all that they could. Not there to make a ton of money, but to make a humble living helping animals. They helped us even when they knew this kitten was not going to make it. FIP is extremely deadly and very fast, it locked Oni’s body into one position and he strained as his body began to shut down. I tried to make him comfortable and happy at home until we could maybe have a house call to let him go peacefully. It got to be too much for him, he could no longer breath well. So with heavy hearts we took him to a late night clinic called HVSE. They were also incredible and so sweet to us. They helped him get comfortable on my chest and purr until it was time. Onyx had an incredibly short life, but I am so thankful we were able to give him love and comfort before this awful disease took him away. We were able to let him go without suffocation or complete organ failure. I am happy for that, and I am going to do what I can to support research for FIP in cats from now on. In his memory. Companion Animal Care is still checking on us and showing so much love in the aftermath. We love you so so much Oni. I’m so sorry. We miss you incredibly. -Emily and Rhett