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Olivia Elliott

Like so many others, I had not heard of FIP. I moved from Canada to Mexico in March of 2011 with my 2 cats. By May, Olivia had reoccuring fevers, loss of appetite and finally fluid in the abdomen. I could not believe that a formerly perfectly healthy 5 year old cat contracted this while my 12 year old cat did not. To this day, it is unknown if she was carrying the corona virus or contracted it some other way. My vet here tried interferon which did work for a while, but ultimately the battle was lost. That is why research is so important. There are so many unknowns in this puzzle. I would love it if no other cat or the people who worry about them, had to suffer through this. It is a particuarly devastating disease. This is my favourite photo of Olivia who was burying herself in nice warm, fresh out of the dryer laundry and the way I will always remember her.