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Oliver is fighting Dry Ocular/Neuro FIP and seems to be responding well to treatment so far! His eye is almost back to normal. Almost no cloud left, just a little red. His appetite is larger than its ever been and he has gained 1 pound since starting treatment 15 days ago. His back legs are still weak and wobbly but he is starting tip over less which is great! He still has litter box issues so he has a diaper on to help. But it’s a fashionable diaper so it’s fine! 😂 I love him so much and being that he was rescued from a kill shelter,  sick from life on the streets, not trusting of humans and fully blossomed into a needy mama’s boy full of love, I can’t imagine losing him after such progress he made. That said, he’s already been a fighter and will continue to fight! We wish success for everyone going through this treatment. And if you are on this page I already know how much your cat is loved and that’s what matters most!

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