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This is our kitty Olimar, he just had his first birthday and unfortunately was hospitalized the day before, April 15th due to straining (with a clear yellowy liquid coming from his behind) and one episode of vomiting. I was hoping it was just blockage but when the vet called and said she found a concerning mass my heart dropped. We found through ultrasounds that the mass was his enlarged abdominal lymph-nodes and enlarged spleen. Bloodwork showed he had a low red blood cell count and low platelets, and high protein levels. They performed an ultrasound with a needle aspirate in order to get a sample for testing from the lymph-nodes and that showed pyoganulomatous inflammation. We then received the confirmed diagnosis, dry FIP.  FIP is a fatal disease in cats, a mutated strain of the feline coronavirus. Most are given a couple of days to a couple of months for their life expectancy after diagnosis. There is little supportive care, but there has been an experimental treatment that has extremely positive outcomes. just trying to figure out what was wrong with him took 1.5k+ and drained my savings account. Even now, I am still at a lose for words .  I’m a first year, 19 year old college student fighting so hard to keep my little kitty alive. I don’t want to give up on him, and I want to give him a chance so so so badly. I do not want to condemn him. So far we are 36 days into treatment thanks to the support we have gotten thus far on his gofundme, and he has made a COMPLETE turnaround. When only 36 days ago he was only eating a little wet food , now he has an appetite double his size! We have seen so much promise so far, and only need a little more support to meet our goal. My boyfriend and I adopted Olimar at 4 months old and he has been one of the most critical and integral part our lives.

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