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Hello, I'm a furmom from the Philippines seeking your valuable assistance in helping me to get FIP treatment for NYING.Nying is a stray cat who enters into our lives.. she's just an ordinay cat with her 3 kitten who jumped in to our gate. After 3 months of taking care of them one of her babies (SVEN) got sick we brought him to the vet but died on the table while extracting blood for a test, the vet suspected for FIP. But no test was done. We were so devastated. Then after just 2 days another one of her babies (DASEOT) got the same symptoms he was screaming with pain and I dont know what to do but just talked to him and assured him that he was loved then he passed away. Then after just 2 days again here comes another one of her babies (SAEZ) sweet boy, became lethargy, he doesn't want to eat but whenever Nying calls him he came to her even if he is limbing and wobbly. It's so heartbreaking when he died while Nying was looking at him he's in pain and grasping for air. We know we did what we have to do every hour we gave them dextrose powder, vitamins, we bought wet food, we forced feed them, we even do subcutaneous rehydration we never almost sleep for that whole week, but all in vainNow every night after they passed away Nying always calls for them but they cannot show up anymore.. but still she just kept calling for her babies.Then after just a week Nying was diagnosed with FIP, she suffers pain more than enough with losing all of her kittens and now with this virus. She is having some kind of seizure and her eyes just went blind. I am so devastated as a mom, I want her to have a chance to live but I am financially constraint, I am just an ordinary employee and a solo parent and I also have other 4 cats and 7 dogs to support and vet bills and other pet supplies just keep filing up.I dont usually do this but I have to swallow my pride and beg for your help.Please help me to fight for Nying! She needed this FIP treatment.I beg you all please please please

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