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It started in October at the end of my externship at a local shelter. Nugget came into rehab weighing 1 lb, emaciated, Anemic, and covered in lice. I took her home as a foster. They thought she was about 4 weeks old, turned out she was closer to 8-10 wks old. She than battle coccidia,e-coli, and ring worm. Once those were resolved it was rehab time in her back legs to get her walking and jumping. Then early January I noticed she stopped eating her wet food and she was running into furniture, walls. Her pupils we're always dilated and cloudy looking. She had inflammation and low lying retinal detachment. My general Vet said she'd adjust to going blind, leave it at that stop doing tests enjoy the time you have. My heart broke, after everything this poor kitty as battles through and that's it?! No!After thousands of dollars in tests an amazing eye Dr mentioned FIP and directed us to FIP warriors. Nugget tested negative for everything but the the eye Dr. Felt strongly with her elevated Globin levels and eye issue she had FIP. That day Nugget had meds and her first injection. That week she started jumping and running around her pupils started to react to light. Her 3 week follow up her retinas have healed, her vision is 100% and she's gain 1.5 lbs. We continue her daily injections and we continue to watch her finally be a kitten and do all the crazy adventurous things kitten do and it has healed my heart. There is hope!