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Nova (aka Bitty Kitty)

We adopted Bitty Kitty in January. At that time she was thought to be about 6 months old. We learned from her foster mom that she struggled to gain weight, was fragile after being spayed, but seemed to be holding her own. After her adoption we also noticed she wasn't getting very big very quickly. In early June she had diarrhea. The vet treated her for parasites. Then she started to run a fever. Back to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and ordered a blood test. When the antibiotics didn't work after 14 days, the vet pointed us in the direction of FIP Warriors. We were connected with an admin who answered all our questions and we placed an order for Aura tablets.. we were also connected with someone locally who met us within hours to give us a couple of life-saving doses while we awaited our medicine order. A week into making contact, we noticed Bitty Kitty was losing strength in her back legs and a photo revealed her pupils were different sizes. We doubled her dose. 6 am and 6 pm every day for 84 days we put pills on a paper towel, gave them a squirt of Churu and she gobbled them up all on her own. No shots. It became treat time. We did bloodwork every 6 weeks and recorded continual improvements. She was cleared to stop medication on time (around LaborvDay) and never relapsed. The day before Thanksgiving and after reviewing of her final blood panel she was pronounced cured.