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We adopted Neko in September of 2020.  He was a gift to ourselves during the pandemic, a way to bring a little more joy into our lives during a not so joyful time.  Although he was healthy when we first brought him home, he has gone through a number of health issues in his short life.  In October of 2020 he needed to have emergency abdominal foreign body removal surgery after he ate something he shouldn't have.  Not long after that, he started displaying a number of different symptoms of what we would eventually find out was FIP.  He developed uveitis in his left eye.  We tried a number of different drops to try to help save the eye, but he ended up having to get it removed in March 2021.  He also developed back leg weakness which made it difficult for him to walk, run, and jump.

FIP had previously been considered to be a fatal disease, but now there are experimental treatments available that have been saving the lives of many cats.  The treatment is very expensive, however, so it is difficult for most families to afford the full 12 weeks of medication required.  Neko responded very well to the treatment, but less then a month after stopping he seems to be relapsing.

Neko is such a sweet little guy and has been through so much in the past year.  We want to be able to continue treatment through his relapse, but his dose has increased so the expense will be even greater than it was during the first round.  Please consider donating to help us save our sweet kitty.  Every little bit helps.  

Thank you!

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