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Our whole world was shaken on March 28th of this year, my wife woke up to our precious Nami nearly catatonic and unable to move on her own.Nami started showing sever neuro symptoms out of the blue, and was quickly rushed to the vet. Our primary care vet told us that she should be euthanized, but we could not accept that prognosis and sought a second opinion.Through the amazing love and kindness of our new vet, and this community we were able to start our Nami on treatment and she has been growing and responding well to the treatment.This has however cost us thousands, and we are not out of the woods yet. Help of any kind is an amazing kindness and will allow us to continue to fight for her life. Thank you so much for your time and your care.

-Cory Salinas, and Stefanie Patton

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