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Murphy was diagnosed with FIP in late March.  He went from having endless kitten energy to extreme lethargy; sleeping under my 4-year-old's bed for most of the day.  We were lucky in that we seemed to catch it early (primarily because we connected with this group, Janeen Peck and our administrator Nicole Parsons) and Murphy responded instantly to Hero injections.  I saw the difference in the first 12 hrs and had confidence that we would beat this horrible disease.  Everything was going great and then around day 60 Murphy spiked a fever and started sleeping most of the day again.  Initially, we thought it was a secondary infection at one of the injection sites but when he didn't respond to antibiotic treatment, our administrator suggested it could be a relapse.  I was so confused because Murphy's bloodwork was perfect but then learned that this likely meant that the FIP had gone neuro and in order to save Murphy we needed to increase his dosage to 10mg/kg or, for him, what amounted to a 2ml injection/day.   Although he seemed to sleep most of the days, he had energy in the mornings and this, once again, gave us hope.  My 8-year-old daughter caught me being pessimistic one day and she reminded me that in order for Murphy to get better I had to 'BELIEVE,' and so for him and for her I did, I believed.  This past Tuesday was Murphy's 84th day and we were so excited for him.  Wednesday some of his energy returned and he played with some of the celebratory toys we bought him, but this morning (Thursday) was different.  He was hiding and when I called him, his meow was so weak.  I fearfully took his temperature, hoping he didn't have a fever....the thermometer measured 105F, I was heartbroken.  I quickly contacted Nicole and she recommended an additional 30-day high dose protocol to beat the neuro FIP.   We were able to afford the initial 84-day treatment, but this extension will put a significant financial strain on our family and I'm reaching out to this community to ask for help in covering the 30-day extension which will cost ~$1550.  No amount of money is too small and all contributions are appreciated.  I don't have to explain the love my family feels for this cat to this group, I know you all feel it too.  I'm taking the advice of my daughter and I'm BELIEVING that we can beat this horrible disease once and for all.  Thank you for your support and love.

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