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I got my baby Muffin in early December. We were inseparable from the start and anyone who met him instantly fell in love. It wasn’t until around December 28th I noticed his tummy was noticeably bloated more than usual but I brushed it off as him being a kitten and gaining some weight. He had an appointment to get vaccinated on January 10th that’s when things took a turn. My vet was extremely concerned by his belly and wanted to try to draw fluid and when he did he told me the most awful news. My baby was suspected to have wet FIP and if it was the deadly virus my only option was euthanasia. I was so heart broken I couldn’t even go into work I had to figure out a way to save my baby. I went to Google as most people would and stumbled across a few articles noting that FIP was no longer a death sentence and to reach out to FIP warriors 5.0 on Facebook. With some hesitation I reached out and was ultimately convinced to try it out just from reading others stories. When we had finally gotten the medication and tried the first dose I was very hopeful and thought it would be okay. I didn’t know in a few hours I would be rushing my muffin baby to the ER where he would be admitted into the ICU. By the Grace of God my baby made a turn around in there after 4 days and I got to take him back home!! Since then he’s been on the come up and he will beat this virus I know it ❤️❤️ I am so thankful to have found the group and have angels watching over us.

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