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My name is #MrAnders.
Ma & Pa are asking for your help in saving me from Neuro Ocular Dry FIP.

Turns out that this once fatal disease, that ~1% of kitties between 3-16 months are diagnosed with, *can be cured* (UC Davis trials have an 80% cure rate when caught early, which I hope I was), but it isn't cheap.  

I'm on day 14 of 86 painful injections and responding great (with my current weight, 2.7mL in my subcutanious tissue, of a ph 2 syrum). Thank goodness Ma had a vet friend recommend the #FIPWarriors group... they are amazing.

Donate fee free here:

- Knowing times are really tough all around... We are also graciously accepting any kind of good juju, bleassing, and prayers you have.
- If you're willing, please share the fundraiser and help get the word out.
- We have set our goal at $4,500 to cover just the GS-441524 meds, and will be reducing the fundraiser goal amount on here daily, to account for donations made external of FB.

Ma will write more about how much she has learned about feline epidemiology & rna replication these last two weeks... *and* let you know about the cute book we are writing to get the word out about costly mis-diagnosis and resulting delays in critically needed treatment time, but.. she needs to go back to work to "put a roof over our heads."

Time for me to snuggle with my dog Phoebe and take a sun nap ..
- #MrAnders

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