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Moody’s story: Moody was a birthday present from my best friend, we picked him out together. About a year later he was diagnosed with FIP Dry/Ocular/Neuro type. I was devastated but we quickly got him started on injections and switched to pills as the injections were unbearable for all of us.

Today is day 63 of treatment, he looks like a new cat and has gained 2.5 pounds!! I can’t fathom losing him as he is my best friend.. we have made it so so far but as he gains weight, his dosage goes up to now about $100/day!! We are so close but we need some help getting there. We are asking to help up get him to the end of his treatment. 22 more days of pills!!!! We are anticipating he will go longer as his blood work shows the virus is still there, but he has made amazing improvement 🖤 any donation helps. Moody and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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