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Mono was a 9 months old kitten when he was diagnosed with wet form FIP 02.04.21 Day 1 Not eating the whole day. Quiet and reserved. Took him to the vet, fever confirmed, was given antibiotics and vitamin b shot. 03.04.21 Day 2 Fever subsided but recurred. Visited a different vet. Received hydration drip, ran blood test. Result came back suspicious of FIP but was told to monitor for 1-2 more days. Force feeding still 04.04.21-05.04.21 Day 3-4 Force feed with syringe, rejected food and vomited yellow bile. Fever still persistent. Brought to the vet and review. Was referred to a hospital to run more tests. 06.04.21- 08.04.21 day 4-6 Stayed in the hospital for 3 nights. Ran ultrasound, another round of blood test. 2-3 Vets confirmed Wet form FIP with all the symptoms and indicators. Suggested to contact FIP warrior fb group to obtain vails. Mono can’t wait to go home with us. 09.04.21 Day 7 Mono taken his first dose. 0.4ml x weight He seems ok, still lethargic and moody. 10-11.04.21 Day 8-9 He took his 2-3rd dose. He started to approach his own kibble bowl. Thrilled to see. Fast forward to 2nd July whereby Mono has completed 84 days of jabs + lots of ciao churu. He is pretty much looking like his old self, active self. He gained back the weight and got fatter (maybe due to ciao churu) The 84 days is certainly not easy for us as well as for him but seeing him well is all it matters. Receive immediate treatment is definitely very crucial. Entering 84 days of observation stage now. Finger crossed he could pull this through.. looking positive!