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Meet little Monday, my lovely boy who’s been diagnosed with wet FIP this Tuesday after laparotomy... we’ve done blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound, too, and took some tummy fluid for tests. It all points to FIP.... I still don’t believe what’s happening to us. I can’t embrace this... we will fight as long as anything works but judging from what I've learnt in the past few days, FIP is not something you can successfully cope with... I cried myself insane in the first few days especially when Monday had to stay at the vets because of low body temperature after the surgery... But since he's back home, I took on a more positive approach and try to think we gonna make it. Still things are a bit surreal... I really hope they will find a cure for this awful virus...I will support any research, and my biggest dream is to see a cure for this monster disease so it it doesn't take any more cat lives! We are currently on a treatment with prednisolone, antibiotic and hepatoprotector. Also we added some iron today because our HGB value dropped a little.