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Mochi's diagnosis came as such a surprise to us as her symptoms mostly came on all at once. For a week, she was extremely lethargic and would spend most of her days napping. Next came her laboured breathing, a fever that wouldn't respond to antibiotics; she would hardly eat or drink, and finally, a distended belly with fluid in the chest. After several tests, the vet suspected she had the wet form of FIP, which I had never heard of and was extremely heartbroken when he said; "Unfortunately, I've seen this incurable illness in many young kittens and adult cats, and euthanasia is usually the only option." Mochi peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge on September 9th, 2020. One day I hope I will have room in my heart for another kitten, but for now, my heart is broken, and I'm overcome with grief. Even though my family and I only had her for 41 days, she was my best friend, and I loved her.

Thank you to Zen By Cat and all donors for raising awareness and providing funds to the research for a cure for this terrible disease.
Rest in paradise, my sweet Mochi girl, I will always love you.