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Mochi was a playful, sweet, energetic, and chill cat. She had a rough start to her life with all of her litter mates passing away from improper care from the previous owner. As 2 kittens were still alive but dying they owner surrendered them to the vet where my friend took the kittens in to foster and nurse back to health. Mochi's sibling passed away that night, but Mochi continued fighting. Through making a full recovery, I saw my friend posting her and through just going through the loss of the 16 year old childhood cat, I saw Mochi and wanted to help foster her and find her a forever home. Soon after helping care for her, she stole my husband and I's hearts and we realized she was meant to be part of our family. She learned how to sit, give a high five, wear cat shirts, a lion mane, and even wore a harness that we were using to teach her to walk on a leash. She had a morning routine with us of waking me up exactly 30 minutes before I needed to get up to get in cuddles, then once I was up she followed me into the kitchen where I fed our dog and she expected several dog kibbles for herself (which she got a mini pile of every day). Upon coming home she would greet me at the door every single day rubbing on my legs and head butting me for love. I would snuggle her and then give her many more treats and work on her tricks she was learning. She fit into our family perfectly and gave our home a fullness I cannot begin to describe. Mochi was 1 year and 5 months old when I took her in for her annual wellness exam and vaccines. She passed with flying colors and a 10/10 health. 2 days later, Mochi stopped eating and began not acting like herself. I was able to get her to munch on some treats and her favorite peanut butter, but Mochi was not being Mochi. I took her to the vet where they thought she had a foreign body in her stomach and digestive tract. I was told Mochi needed to be hospitalized so they could watch her and see if the item would pass. But Mochi only got worse, she was being force fed, becoming more lethargic and fading quickly. after 3 days of hospitalization, force feeding, fluids, antibiotics, appetite stimulants, it was decided Mochi needed an ultrasound. By the time I came to visit her, my Vet told me her outlook is not good. She saw Mochi had MASSIVE fluid build up in her stomach and chest cavity just in a matter of days of her being there. My vet (Dr. hartland of Hartland Cat hospital) who was very compassionate, stated she believes Mochi has FIP, but she needed to be certain of one more thing before diagnosing it because of how hard it is to diagnose. She took a sample of the fluid in Mochi's belly and showed it to me. Based on her personal experience in cats who have FIP (which were VERY few), this fluid was the indicator Mochi had Wet FIP. She told me Mochi is suffering and fighting a battle she cannot win and told me the heart breaking news that there is no cure or treatment for FIP. My husband and I's heart was being broken and on 9/12/19 we had to make the decision to say good bye to our best friend who life gave an unfair chance to. We are so devastated and hurt by this awful disease who stole our little Mochi from us. We feel inspired to advocate for cats suffering through this and help find a cure. Mochi was truly a special cat who had so much to offer this world. She was a favorite model to photograph and I will continue to share her beauty with others. We love you Mochi and you will always be here in our family.