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We adopted Mocha along with Cocoa back in February this year from a local rescue organization. They are amigos and partners in crime. Mocha was found by the rescue first and went to a foster home. Few months later at the foster home, he went out and found his best friend Cocoa and brought him back to the foster home. They are both 11 months old now.
After we adopted them, they have occasionally sneezing and diarrhea, which might be signs of cat coronavirus thinking about it right now. Mocha was not active and lack of appetite by the end of June. We took him to vet but she probably didn’t think it could be FIP. Later on July 2nd, Mocha stopped eating in the morning so we took him back to the vet to do bunch of lab works, and he was then diagnosed with wet FIP. He started his treatment on July 3rd, and is doing great now! We will keep faith in him!

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