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We adopted Moab very shortly after our other fur kid, Tuco, passed away from cancer. Tuco had been my rock through thick and thin. Losing him left a huge hole in my heart. Before Tuc passed, we promised him we would adopt another cat in his memory and give them the best life they could possibly have.

We didn't think we would adopt another fur kid so quickly, but Puma, Tuc's brother, was struggling almost as much as we were. He and Tuc were attached at the hip. So we moved to adopt another cat just a couple of weeks after Tuc's passing.

Moab's quickly become a part of the family. He smothered us with love and affection, sleeping in my arms all night long. It's like he knew I was hurting and wanted to help. He and Puma became play buddies almost immediately.

A couple of weeks ago, Moab started slowing down and seemed sick. Then his abdomen started to swell. After a few trips to the vet and a barrage of testing, they figured out he had wet FIP. We were so devastated. We knew it was fatal, but didn't know there was a treatment available... until our vet mentioned it.

Knowing what would happen if we did nothing, it wasn't even a question. We had to act fast if we were going to keep our promise to give him a shot at having a good, full life.

We will do whatever we can to help Moab through this. He, like many other cats, deserves the best chance possible to overcome FIP.

We've only just started treatment and are so scared we'll lose him. We've got a long way to go, but the support from the FIP community has been so incredibly helpful.  We're so grateful for everyone we've met in the past few days.

We'll fight for you, Mo! Love you little brother!


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