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My journey started on Saturday 9 November when I noticed a swelling of the abdomen. It was time for deworming, so I assumed it was that. On Monday I went to the vet and she retrieved yellow fluid from her abdomen. Devastating news: Wet FIP, only weeks left. I posted my story on an FB group called cat moms where somebody tagged FIP Warriors. I joined and expected to see very ill kitties or those that bridges the rainbow bridge. But instead, I saw kitties on GS, flourishing and being cured. I dived in. Found that it was not registered but was quickly contacted by the admins to help me on my way. I asked my vet by sending all info through email, just as a sanity check.  She dived in to, joined FIP warriors for vets and was in contact with vets in another countries. She was also cautiously positive. Of course she could not give it, but could teach me. This was on Friday. I placed my order, picked it up in the evening with Sophie and  got my lesson on Saturday. That evening November 16 I started Mutian injections. She took them as a boss. A meow of pain after the shot was in, but that is it. Her appetite was always good but her urine and stool were bright yellow and watery. That changed in a few days. She became more playful after 1 week. After 12 days her belly began slinking and is now (day 15) almost gone. She also started running again and chasing the red dot. We have a long way to go which scares me. But the results are nothing but astonishing. She is enjoying life again which makes up for the shots. The FB group FIP Warriors is a tremendous support and I am forever thankful they gave me hope again and are giving Mittens a new chance at life.

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