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It doesn't allow me to publish my story but here is my story Misty So where do I start misty is 5 months old. It all started one day I noticed her belly was on the slight big side, not thinking too much into it I was just assuming it's because she's a greedy baby until it got bigger in the space of a few days so I thought maybe it could be worms so treated her for it, but still no change so I took her to the vets not thinking it was going to change my mood so instantly from worry to heartbreak, they informed me shes got a very bad fatal disease and shes got days to weeks to live and that the kindest thing to do it have her put to sleep, well I couldn't get my head over it and I thought no way am I giving up on her surely there's something out there, they took her blood and fluid from her stomach to send off for results they told me the results could take up to a week to come back, I thought to my self a week? She could be dead by the weekend. So I wrote on a cat group and that's when someone told me there was a group out there called FIB warriors so I started following this group and see there was a drug out there that wasn't yet medically approved, don't get me wrong it was very expensive so I just cried and left the group as I thought I can't afford that medication, so then I started getting messages from people on the group telling me to do a fundraiser for misty and the treatment, so I did not think anything good would come from it and it was just going to break my heart more until people from all over the country were donating money I honestly couldn't believe it, I even started getting messages from people who are cat was cured from this treatment and sold me there treatments that was no longer needed for half the price.. I was so very overwhelmed and thought to my self if it doesn't work it's the risk I'm going to take because theres only 1 another option and that's death and I couldn't allow a baby to not have that chance in life, so we ordered the first bottle and started it on the 29.08.19 it was an awful experience giving her the first injection she cried and scratched me and my husband it just made me cry, then she underwent the second injection again she cried, and then her third injection no cry at all, I'm told we might not always be lucky but take them moments as a blessing, since her third injection I've seen a difference shes drinking more eating more and last night she even started playing with her toy which was so heartwarming to watch 💗 I will do anything to save my babies life, we will fight this horrible disease, I'm just hoping my vet supports me through this... But if not I will go through other vets until someone does. Misty still hasn't got her voice box back but I can see improvement with other things and for that, I can't thank FIB warriors enough, the people on that are so kind hearted and constantly cheer misty on 💗 xxx