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Miss Ava

Miss Ava was a tiny stray that was spayed and immediately put up for adoption at 8months old by a local shelter. She was 4 days post surgery when we met and adopted her. The poor thing was very shy and literally shaking when we held her the 1st time. But once home she became very comfortable and a huge cuddle bug. Within a few weeks she began having diarrhea which we assumed was a food allergy or digestion issue. We slowly switched her food several times over the next 2 months per our vets advice, but the diarrhea worsened and she began vomiting bile. She had lost a lot of weight very quickly. Her spine was visible, her hair had started to feel course and separate and she stopped eating. Suddenly her belly started to bloat almost overnight. We Still just assumed it was a digestive issue, but when we brought her to the vets, Ava was immediately diagnosed wet FIP and a pcr was taken from a sample of the fluid in her abdomen to confirm. She weighed 6.5lbs. She was very anemic and the vet was unable to do blood work. Ava was given a week at most to live by 2 separate vet diagnosis. That evening I spent all night researching the disease hoping the vet was wrong and hoping there was a cure. I posted on fb asking for help and advice. By the next evening I was contacted by a member on fb and given information on GS. I did not hesitate and we had 2 vials shipped overnight. We began gs injections 2 days after diagnosis and without any bloodwork testing to go by. Within 10 days Ava lost a pound of abdominal fluid and weighed 5.5lbs. The diarrhea and vomiting had stopped. Her appetite had come back and over the next month of injections she began gaining muscle and weight back, her anemia had gone away and her hair started to grow back in. One side effect she had was that the new hair growth was white, not black during the treatment period. Ava completed 12 weeks of injections on September 4th, 2019. Her blood work was all normal. Her weight was 8.5lbs. And our vet was amazed!!! Ava has now completed the 84 days post treatment waiting period phase and weighs 10lbs. Her hair has since all grown back in completely black. She is active, affectionate and very playful. She is cured!!!!