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Minik "Tiny"


My dears,
I'm Minik (Tiny) ❤️
I love life and I love to observe people a lot.
I am a 16-months old male cat and I’m living with my sweet friends in the yard of our workshop since July 2019.
However, my forepaw was paralized in April.
We don't know why paralysis caused. Is it a trauma or a nervous jam?
Despite the opinion of our veterinarian friends about the amputation, we resisted with my spiritual mom and overcame it with the support of our dear veterinarian. I have been tested since I had fever very often during that period and it came out that I was sick.
We did everything to keep my immune system strong but the viruses in my body became “FiP” at 21th July. (neurological and ocular)
My balance started going off and I started losing my appetite. My condition deteriorated rapidly and I could not walk.
We started the drug GS-441524 on July 22 and completed 15 days. I started to recover.
My dear family used everything they got for me but this medicine has a very high price since it’s not so widespread around the World. My treatment should düre for 84 days in normal terms. That’s the usage and dose of this medicine.
We completed 14 days with donations.
My condition is getting better every day. But there are 70 more days.
The value of the Turkish lira is very low :(
1 dollar = 6.9 Turkish Lira
1 bottle of GS medicine: $ 98 (sometimes more expensive...)
We need $ 3,136 for 70 days of treatment.
Me and my mom believe that love can overcome everything and can transform everything.
If a virus in the body can transform to something that threatens health under some circumstances, why shouldn’t it transform into a useful virus that affects health super-positively?
I don’t wish it just for myself but for the whole World.
For us, a virus and an antivirus is 2 facades of one whole.
And “one” is the essence of everything.
We cannot cure without your support.
Thanks in advance

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