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Hi everyone! I never imagined that I would need to start a GoFundMe, let alone for one of my furbabies. But here we are. Today, our kitten Milo was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP. I wasn’t allowed to be with him during the vet visit because of social distancing measures, which I understood, but my heart broke as I spoke with the vet over the phone outside and he told me my baby had little chance of survival. I asked him what my next steps were, and he mentioned that I could look into FIP Warriors. He informed me that there was a treatment, but it was very expensive and it wasn’t yet approved here in the U.S. despite positive trial results. Earlier today, I wanted to give up hope. How was I possibly going to afford this? But then I thought, no. He’s been through so much.

My partner and I were cleaning up the yard at our old place, when we heard these horrible meows. They sounded like they were coming from an old cat somewhere beyond our fence. My partner decided to investigate, and he climbed the fence and saw this mangled little gray kitten in a trap instead. The construction site behind our house had left traps on the property during Christmas vacation, with no one in site to make sure any cats caught were taken to the shelter. The can of food in the trap was at least a week old. Him and I managed to get the trap back over to our side of the fence, and then we struggled to open the trap until we finally managed to get him out. We took him home, gave him a bath, food, water. When our vet’s office opened the next day, we called and made an appointment for him to be checked out. He was treated for an upper respiratory infection and ear mites, and I was told to keep him in quarantine for 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks turned into almost two months because I realized I had acquired ringworm from holding him. And just when I thought he was in the clear, when he finally grew all his hair back after the ringworm and its treatment, he gets diagnosed with FIP.

He’s so little. And so sweet. He falls takes naps on my partner's lap. He only meows when I’m studying and he wants me to pet him for a little while. He’s got these huge gorgeous blue eyes. He loves it when you cradle him and rub his belly.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. As many of you know, FIP treatment is very costly, along with the routine labs I was advised to get to monitor his progress. I just want him to get better and I want to see him grow up and live past this. He deserves to, he’s a fighter!

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