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Milo was a very sweet boy who we adopted from a shelter at two months of age. He had been a stray.He was the perfect cat. He was constantly purring and followed us everywhere. He lay on the bed when us each night. We absolutely adored him; he was the light of our life.He was very loved and happy all the time. We thought we would have many years with him but one day he stopped eating and drinking. It happened a month prior and we took him to the vet - they said to bring him back if it happened for more than 24 hours, so the night before things got bad we had planned to take him to the vet in the morning. We didn't think it was anything very serious. But the next morning, an hour before the vet opened, he suddenly crashed - loud meows of pain and vomiting. We rushed him to the emergency vet in 15 minutes and passed him off. That was the last we would see of him - six or so hours later, his heart stopped beating while he was unconscious under anesthesia. The vet believed it was wet FIP and buildup of water in his lungs prevented him from being able to expel carbon dioxide, causing cardiac arrest.We have been devastated by his loss but we are grateful for the time we did get to spend with him and are glad he at least was such a happy cat.It is saddening that there is a cure but it has not been approved.I am glad this nonprofit is helping to change that and give FIP cats a better chance.