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Three months ago I've found a small kitten in a bush. After several attempts to catch the baby, I've finally managed to get her out of there. To me, this was the beginning of her life, a good one, that is. That first night I bathed her, released her from the fleas on her tiny body and fed her. I've found her on a saturday night, so I had to wait til monday to take her to the vet. She looked good for a kitten that was found in a bush, and the vet and I guessed she couldn't have been there too long. She ate well, gained weight, played and was a happy little kitten. She would finally get the life that she deserved. And for a couple of months she did, she got bigger and well adapted to her new home and the other cats. I was a happy cat mom and looked forward to seeing her growing up. But a couple of weeks ago I noticed she ate less and I thought it was the new food I gave her, so I gave her her old food again. She started to eat more and I thought the problem was solved. But I noticed that she ate less than she used to. She recently got spayed, so I thought she needed more time to recover from the surgery at such a young age. But two weeks ago I came home from work and she had trouble breathing. I rushed her to the vet and she had to stay there. I thought she had an infection from surgery, or there was something with her heart. Nothing that couldn't be solved with the right medication. But after a couple of hours the vet called that she had fluids behind her lungs, that he drained it and it looked like she had wet FIP. I had heard of it before, but all seemed so surreal. He had given her a shot of cortison and when I picked her up that night she was as whole different kitten. She ate, she played, she didn't even look ill. I've given her cortison the last two weeks and though she ate at first, she's eating less and less and she doesn't do much more than sleep. She only leaves her spot on the couch when it's feeding time, when she's thirsty or when she needs to use the litter box. She stopped growing and looks scruffy. She's got to be 5 months at least, but she doesn't look older than 3 months. Every night for the last couple of days I think it's time, that I should call the vet and make the appointment. But every morning she surprises me when she goes all crazy at feeding time. She starts to eat like she's starving, but after a couple of bites she goes back to sleep. I know the time is coming, but when do you really know that enough is enough? Sigrid