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Mila and her sister were saved from a cat colony and rescued by a local volunteer organization. At the animal rescue’s facility, all the kittens were crated in pairs, but the sisters had to be separated since one was experiencing bowel issues. While I anticipated adopting both girls, I decided to only take Mila. Her calm demeanor and sweet gaze instantly won my heart. There was always a worry in the back of my mind about Mila’s health. A few months after taking her home, I realized that she too had bowel issues. Her vet ran the typical tests and there was nothing suspicious, except the fact the she had a slightly elevated temperature. After putting her on a chicken and rice diet, the problem seemed to subside temporarily. About 5 months later, right around Mila’s first birthday, I noticed her becoming increasing lethargic over a 1 week period, to the point where she had given up on all her daily rituals. When I expressed my concern to others, I was reassured that this was, “normal” and that she was probably, “adjusting to the warm weather”. I foolishly waited until the point where she was no longer walking or eating to act. Mila was rushed to the vet the next morning. Her fever had reached 104.7. After running a series of tests to rule out all possibilities of other viruses and running blood work, I received the dreadful news that Mila was 99% likely to have dry FIP. It was clear as day in her blood work. I was prepared for the fact that my time left with Mila would be limited. I immediately contacted the animal rescue she was adopted from, only to find out that her sister had already passed. Terrified, I spent all my free time researching. After much heartbreak and a few sleepless nights, I discovered a group of knowledgeable and compassionate people on social media willing to help us. Mila is now on a miraculous road to recovery.