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Ciao a tutti
I know there should be new cases.
but I continue to be a new case even though on day 76 of therapy
my story began on May 25th when my mom saw my swollen tummy after three days I was drained about 500 cc of yellow sticky liquid immediately diagnosed as FIP to which none of the vets we shot gave hope
without any confirmation test but with the indisputable opinion of the veterinarians we searched the internet for possible therapies and we found this group
on the 4th of June we started the therapy with GS with evident good results my ears were yellow and they returned to be as beautiful as mine from the 18th of June we started to have specific tests but the electrophoresis was ugly
I was immediately well I started to eat and play with my brothers and my tummy emptied even if the lymph nodes were reactive
on July 1st I had a fever But the vet sonographer found nothing but the usual reactive lymph nodes
dielectrophoresis continued to be bad but the rest of the tests were not so bad meanwhile we had moved on to dosage 7
on July 20 I went back to the usual vet who told me there were the usual lymph nodes
unfortunately on July 27 I had a fever again
I changed sonographer away from home with my great stress

so he found pulmonary effusion
we started dosing ten.
after 4 days I also had uveitis and we switched to twelve

now yesterday after the fever did not go away we repeated the echo and the exams
the lung flap is reduced I have a small effusion around the kidneys a slight increase in transaminases and I am a little anemic. they added cortisone to me

I'm on day 76
my mom is desperate and sees me playing. he wants me to be okay

Help me. help us

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