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My Mia is a true FIP Warrior. Mia is my best friend and therapeutic cat. Mia came into my life the day after I lost my prior cat to cancer. It was a true miracle. I have watched Mia struggle with ocular/neuro dry FIP in the last weeks and sought quickly to get help. I have found FIP Warriors and this site to post our story. Please give an older cat with FIP a chance. Mia is in need of supportive care, as much as needing GS treatment. We are going one day at a time on donations, to get Mia the help that she needs. Mia has always been the one in charge in our house and has been with me through my toughest battles. Now is the time for me to help Mia through her toughest challenge. She is beautiful. She is smart. And she needs your help. Please read our story on GoFundMe. Mia, as an older cat, is really getting a rare chance at a longer life with me. Please donate to supportive care of follow ups with the vet, bloodwork, and imaging. It is a long road ahead. We have just started treatment. She and I can beat FIP, but we need your help.

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