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Mei-Mei was born approximately on July 30, 2016. She was found abnormally limping starting on Jan 25th, 2019. After going through general examinations, MRI and the spinal fluid examination, she was diagnosed as having FIP dry form on Feb 7th. Infection was found in her spine and brain. My vet told me this disease is fatal and currently not treatable. According to previous cases, Mei would pass away in a few weeks. I was simply shocked. I thought she was getting better before visiting my vet, and I was waiting for my vet telling me something like "oh it is a spinal fracture and it is recovering". I thought I already prepared myself with results bad enough such as paralysis. But it turned out to be much worse than I thought... Her condition then began worsening in a couple of days.. She stopped taking any food or water, lying in her small bed all day long.. I carried her to the litter box every a few hours and tried forcing her to eat something using syringes. All syndromes kept developing, on Feb 8th I found her swallowing cat litter (severe malnutrition) and spent much longer time lying with her eyes closed. Though she was still alert and seemed to have a clear mind when she was awake, I know it has come to a moment when I finally can do nothing for her... On Feb 10th, I tried my best but still cannot feed her a half pill of pain killer. I knew it is the time for me to accept the truth and I made the decision for her. The time I will remember forever, Feb 10th 20:41, the end of a heartbreaking story.