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Maya,7 years old, 6 kilos, is a special warrior, he is a miracle and he deserves a unique room into the universe of graduated cats both in Italy and in the world. He was diagnosed with neuro FIP last November, after being treated for toxoplasmosis for more than 10 days, and after a brief improvement, the fever had turned up again, his abdomen had started swelling, his appetite had decreased, he couldn’t walk, had epileptic fits and his breath had become difficult. New exams gave the unlucky response, dry neuro FIP; thus, he started the GS and went on with 117 injections. His skin was full of lumps, he was tired and shots had become more and more painful. This is why his parent Monica Veropalumbo decided to interrupt and wait, in spite of the blood tests weren’t excellent. Indeed, after 15 days of observation, Maya was losing weight, was lethargic, without appetite. Clear enough the treatment hadn’t worked with him. After 2 days of total despair, Monica, as per Donatella Taranto advice, began to try the pills. Maya responded very well to therapy at the beginning, but new symptoms occurred, he started to eat the litter, the test confirmed his anaemia, his paws were swollen, and he resulted affected by a lymphoma eventually. There was a subtle chance to survive, Maya had to fight against two monsters, and if got through Fip he could die because of the lymphoma. Treatment for cancer started immediately, while he was still following the GS cure. Every day was a new day, a new step forward, a new bit of life. Indeed, after 117 shots, 84 days of pills and 100 days of observation Maya is graduated, he fought the Fip, of course, he is still facing the lymphoma, but there is no doubt HE is a real warrior.