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UPDATED August 1, 2020

The results of bloodwork and biochemistry are not so good. My admin recommend to extend treatment for 4 week with high dosage as 8 mg/kg. I am currently injection according to 5 mg/kg. Last 5 injections to reach 84. I am exhausted like everyone who fight with FIP. Thanks to your donations. We will complete treatment with your donations. I appreciate that who support us both their hearths and donations. I have already in huge debt. Actually, I have already started to treatment by the help of bank credit. Maya's current weight is 2.6 kg. For extension treatment, I need to inject 1,4 ml per a day at least as 8 mg/kg. I need at least 8 vials. Each vial is 140 usd. But there are several attempts to bring vials cheaper. I hope they will succeed. Unfortunately, I can not afford extending treatment. Please help Maya and save her life. We would like to extend treatment. I do not want to leave Maya's life to chance. Without your support, we can not extend treatment. I am so sorry. Thanks in advance.  


Hi. My beautiful girl Maya has diagnosed wet FIP (Feline Infectious Peritionatis) .FIP is a fatal disaster for cats unless GS-441524 treatment is started.This intensive treatment takes straightly 84 days. Each day the medicine which includes GS-441524 should be injected to cat based on it's weight. Nevertheless, the drugs are so expensive which involve GS-441524.

The long journey has begun for me and Maya. We has started GS treatment on 14th May 2020. She is getting better with GS treatment as days pass. Unfortunately, I can not afford drugs so as to continue whole treatment. We are sure that this treatment will be completed successfully with your mercy and donations.

There are two rewards in exchange for your donations as following;

1. We will plant a fruit tree in exchange for your every 10 $ donations in Aydın,Turkey. You may choose your fruit tree from among several kinds like fig,cherry,plums etc.(Available fruit tree list will be shared). Your plant will have a name tag. Its location and photos after and during planting will be shared with you.

2.You will get a digital letter from Maya in exchange for your 1 $ donations. A letter will be sent via e-mail.

** Exchanges are not compulsory.

You may also donate my friend's PayPal below:

** I have to use my friend's PayPal because PayPal has no service in Turkey since 2016

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