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Maximus was diagnosed at 5 months. Max was neutered at 16 weeks and never seemed to recover. He stopped acting playful, slept significantly more, became extra cuddly, and he ate like he was starving yet lost weight. We didn't think much of it until he had an accident outside of his box and we noticed his urine was dark brown. It was Saturday so I planned to take him to the vet on Monday. The next day his stomach was bloated. By Sunday evening I was googling his symptoms and kept coming across something called FIP. It was rare, so I tried to put it out of my head. The vet took a look at him, did an ultrasound, and was concerned it was effusive FIP. My eyes instantly welled up as I knew the implications. They ran blood work and sent us home. When the results came back the next day they were textbook FIP. She gave us options that might have extended his life for a week or two. We were literally watching our sweet Max waste away before our eyes. I was worried to leave him home alone while I was at work...worried he was suffering and alone. On March 13, 2015, two days after his diagnosis, we made the difficult decision to end his suffering. Max was the perfect kitten and didn't deserve a life of pain. The vet was amazing and Max passed peacefully in my arms. In spite of the pain of losing Maximus, we adopted two more bengals and we are happy to report that both Bear_the_Bengal (18 months) and Neva_the_Bengal (11 months) are doing great.