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Max showed up on our patio just over 5 years ago.  He was lounging on a chair and I called for my husband to hurry up and sneak a peek at the kitty before he ran off.  But he didn't.  He let me hold him for a half an hour.  And then my husband held him.  And then we decided he was going to be part of our family once we had him checked for a chip and diseases.  
He was flea-ridden and skinny.  But he was so loveable.  Over the years, he had his share of health problems.  He had coronavirus he couldn't kick when he was one and a half.  Then, he had stomatitis and had to have all of his teeth removed when he was 3.
When he became sick in April, 2021, we were told he had pancreatitis.  When he didn't get better, we were told he had IBD.  But in my gut, I knew something was wrong.  He just kept getting worse despite being on medication and a grain -free diet.
Finally, we ended up at the ER for a second time and this time, the fluid in his belly was yellow and high in protein.  The vet suggested it could be FIP and sent out his fluid for analysis.  While we still sat in the parking lot of the ER, I contacted FIP Warriors on Facebook and friend who runs a rescue.  Within 4 hours, I had a vial of medicine at my house.
We are on Day 43.  Fingers crossed, Max is doing well.  He is back to his pre-illness weight and eating well and acting like his old, sweet self.
Since Max started treatment, we celebrated his 6th birthday, too.  A day we never thought we would see.
Praying for an uneventful remainder of his treatment.

UPDATE: Maximillion has completed his 84 day observation period and is considered cured!

Check out this video detailing Maximillion's story