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Max is just 7 months old and first became ill on 6th October, initially he was just a bit quiet, not as interested in food as normal and had a slight temperature - nothing that seems that drastic but I had him checked out anyway.  His vet was unsure what was going on at that point so he was given something to bring his fever down and I was just told to monitor him.  Within a few days his belly had started to swell and FIP was first mentioned, along with the devastating information that it wasn't treatable and he had, at best, a few weeks left to live.  I was advise by 3 vets to put him to sleep before he suffered.  I refused to accept that outcome and over the next week arranged for him to have various tests while I did a lot of research.  FIP was unfortunately confirmed but I also found out about a treatment called GS-441524, discovered where I could get it and found a vet who supported me giving it to Max.  I gave him his first dose on 15th October and, almost immediately, he started to respond.  He ate more for breakfast that first morning than he had in over a week and his appetite has continued to improve ever since.  Within 3 days he was starting to play again and by day 5 the fluid in his belly had dissipated significantly.  He was looking and acting like a healthy kitten again even though inside he was fighting for his life.

He is now at the half way point and has had 42 doses of treatment.  He's gained almost 2lb of healthy weight, not fluid, the shine is back on his fur and the sparkle is back in his eyes.  I know this treatment is helping him and WILL cure him but I'm struggling to afford it.  I'm disabled myself and unable to work so my income is restricted.  I thought I'd covered all bases if he became ill when I insured him but, of course, this treatment isn't covered by that so I'm fundraising.

Max has his own page, both a Facebook fundraiser and a GoFundMe, as well as his own PayPal, and I'm also holding raffles to raise funds.  I'll add the links below... if anyone can help in any way, whether by donating or sharing, I'd be eternally grateful.

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