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We got Maui as a tiny kitten. Maui is only 9 months old. We feel in love instantly. My daughters named him Maui because it sounds like meowie! Maui loves being where ever we are. Maui is very social and talkative. When Maui wants attention he needs you to pet him with both hands. If you don’t he will climb on you till he has 100% of your attention. Maui loves to play fight with his toys and play fight with the dog. Maui has claws but does not use them. He swats with just his paws he’s so cute! Maui is highly intelligent and does not like it if you leave him for more than a couple of hours. Maui loves car rides and morning treats with the dog. Maui always sleeps in my bed or my daughters bed. Maui also loves water and baths! If you can’t find Maui he’s likely taking a nap in the sink or bath tub. A few weeks ago I noticed Maui had eye goop and kept sneezing. I brought him to the vet and they said he had a fever and must have a viral infection. They gave Maui a shot of antibiotics and sent him home with eye drops. 5 days later Maui’s eyes looked better but he was not leaving my bathroom. I bought him back to the vet 02/15/2022. They ran a CBC and said it was most likely FIP since he still has a fever.  They told me I needed to put Maui down. I couldn’t do it. He was so full of life still. I finally convinced the vet that I was not leaving without Maui. They gave him fluids and sent us home with more antibiotics. I made myself physically sick because I did not know if I was making Maui suffer or not. I researched non stop about FIP. I finally found support and help for Maui. We started the FIP meds a couple days later. Maui got really bad. He did not move much. He would not eat or drink. We had to syringe him. He hated it and he was so dirty. We lost all hope. Then maui started drinking a few sips of water. The next day he ate a little bit. Then the next day he started grooming himself again. Now today he is doing so much better! I am just struggling with all the unexpected cost. My son was born premature in august. In January I had to stop working  care for him full time. I appreciate all the support. I promise to pay it forward in the future.

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