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Our little 8 month old Bengal “Marley” was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) on February 21st 2020. The disease is usually fatal and in Marleys case, caused high fever, lack of appetite, lethargy and a large build-up of fluids in her chest. If untreated, she could develop more symptoms such as neurological and eyes issues, and ultimately death. We had exams done in addition to a complete bloodwork panel , Xrays and ultrasounds taken, and multiple days in the hospital to confirm her diagnosis. She lost a whole pound being sick and weighed just under 4 pounds on Wednesday the 19th. The vet said she has days or weeks to live. This GoFundMe will be used to gather funds to help pay for her treatments as her vet bill is already at $4700 and the treatments are very expensive and depending how much weight she gains her dosage of meds goes up so it would be anywhere from $5-6000. Marley is so very loved and fills our hearts. We can’t say goodbye this soon and we will do everything to save her. she is on day 62 as of april 24th!! she was spayed 2 weeks ago and is still doing very good by still pray everyday! she is beautiful, smart and very loved by her family! shes our miracle!

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