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Madison Dexter

I have always had cats! But I never even heard of FIP. After my beloved Buster passed away at 15 years old, I decided to get a kitten. I found a kitten (Dexter) at a rescue center and quickly realized he needed a friend! Went to another rescue center and fell in love with a ball of orange fluff (Elliot) . Soon after, Dexter started to get sick, after trying so many meds and tests it was determined he had FIP and two weeks later he was gone. Elliot was devastated with out his friend and two Vets told me that FIP was not contagious and to get another kitten. I was told the cat must have a mutation in order to get FIP. Once again I went to another rescue center and found (Madison). For some reason this kitten was bonded to me from first sight and I was more than in love with him.( A month later) on Thanksgiving day he developed a fever and with in two weeks FIP had taken over his body to the point he could not go on. Now I really began to wonder........ did I bring Madison into a home with the corona virus ????? How could this happen again?????? So I read everything I could,had my house professionally cleaned, bought all new cat climbers, toys and dishes and waited almost 8 months to get another buddy for Elliot. I am happy to say it has been more than two years now and Milo and Elliot are happy healthy indoor cats. FIP is horrible and I want nothing more than to see a cure!!!! I will continue to donate and hope others will too. Pictured are Elliot and Milo!

Note from ZenByCat: FIP is caused by a mutation of the corona virus. While the corona virus is contagious and already carried by almost all domestic cats, the mutated form is not contagious. You did not cause Madison's FIP.