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Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood started showing symptoms of FIP only eight weeks after homing and was officially diagnosed at the beginning of October 2019. At that point she wasn't eating, she was barely moving, her tummy was filled with fluid. Her brother Harry couldn't understand why she didn't want to play with him. The heartache was unimaginable. Luckily, I found some fellow FIP Warriors and thanks to their help and kindness, we quickly began the treatment. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I also I didn't want to let Luna go without a fight. We had nothing to lose. We finished the treatment in January. We had some good moments and some bad moments during those 84 days, but Luna was so brave throughout, and I couldn't be more proud. She had a chance to experience her first Christmas and New Year, something I didn’t think would be possible when I first heard the diagnosis. I am so grateful for all the support we received from our friends, both in real life and online. The Warrior community out there is absolutely incredible, and made this journey so much easier. For anyone who is considering the treatment - take a leap of faith. For anyone who is currently treating - keep fighting the good fight. Warrior Luna Lovegood is rooting for you all!