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Hi this is Luna our cozy cat. She is born the 30th of August and with us since the 1st of December and really is part of the family.

In the middle of March Luna started to walk strange. I quickly developed to a tilted head and tripping a lot. We went to the vet, and they took some blood samples. They checked the proteins in her blood, and also the amount of Gamma globulin (G protein). The amount was high, but not to high to conclude it was FIP. So Luna had a belly scan. Everything seemed pretty normal. Although Luna was very small, a British shorthair 7 months of age weighing only 1.5kg. We decided to do an MRI. The scans of her head showed multiple infections and a high amount of cerebrospinal fluid. They doctors finally made a conclusion. It had to be FIP. Luna has the neurological form of FIP. They started treating her with Prednisone to make her more vivid.

We started treating Luna with GS-441524, an experimental medicine against FIP that needs to be injected for 84 days. She started doing a lot better, playing a lot and eating more. At day 42, halfway through treatment, we started lowering the dosage of Prednisone, what made her very sick and lifeless again… So we leveled up the dosage again.

Right now Luna is 64 days into treatment, but still using Prednisone. We consulted a lot of experts on what to do next. They concluded that the best option is to extend the treatment with a higher dosage for multiple weeks. Right now we spend about $3000 on her treatment and we have insufficient funds to extend the treatment. For an 8 weeks extension period with a raised dosage we will need about 35 vials $110 each extra to make a successful treatment. Because the treatment is so expensive we really hope you can help giving Luna a long and happy life with us. We all would be very grateful!

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