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Luna is our 12 month old British Shorthair kitten. She's the friendlist, most welcoming and playful kitten we've ever known and we love her with all our hearts. She has always followed us everywhere we go, snuggled up to us at night and always been there waiting for us when we come home. Unfortunately, within our first 2 months of owning her, when Luna was just 4 months old, we noticed she was beginning to have trouble breathing while purring, having to try to breathe through her mouth and even wheezing after being stroked. Upon taking her to the vets and getting many tests she was diagnosed with Wet Effusive FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), with early symptoms showing pleural fluid building up around her lungs. Unfortunately FIP has always been considered a fatal condition and, officially, it is incurable. It causes the blood vessels in her chest cavity to become damaged, leaking fluid into her chest and and restricting her ability to breathe. Thankfully our vet mentioned that there may be a few options; that there were several drugs which are having very promising results, with many cats going into full remission, with only a few cases of relapses. Our vet recommended Vibrogen Omega as she read that this was quite sucessful at abating the symptoms of FIP but couldn't cure it. We did our own research and found Dr Addie's website. On Dr Addie's site, we read about the sucess of Dr Pederson's trials with a drug called GS-441524. After posting about Luna's illness on Facebook, we were guided to the FIP warriors Facebook page and were and to fundraise enough money to begin treatment. After 84 days treatment Luna was given the go ahead to stop!! We'd like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement!! We have 30 days left of the post treatment observation phase before Luna can be considered completely cured of FIP. She is doing phenomenally well!