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Lumi (Finnish for ‘snow’) aka Lumos (the light casting spell from Harry Potter) came into my life two short years ago. He was abandoned outside a veterinarian’s office on Christmas Eve, in the freezing cold, in a carrier that was too small for him, with all the air holes taped closed.

I fell in love with Lumi the moment my mom messaged me to alert me of the presence of a majestic white cat who was available for adoption. When I met Lumi he was slim and suspicious of others, he was hesitant to be loved but desperately wanted it. I knew he was destined to be mine.

Lumi is estimated to be about 5 years old, and I can’t imagine how his life began and what circumstances led him to be left alone outside of an animal hospital, freezing on Christmas Eve. In the two short years he has been with me, he has transformed from a boy who screamed when being held him to one who begrudgingly humors me as I flip him over to show off his glorious belly fluff. He rolls around happily, takes far too much pleasure in chasing ice, and loves nothing more than to watch birds outside the windows and to find a cozy spot to rest.

Everything changed a few weeks ago when I noticed Lumi was retreating more and eating less. He lost interest in the things he loves and I started finding him hiding in the basement. Lumi presented with a high fever and started antibiotics but continued to deteriorate, within a week fluid accumulated in his abdomen, his appetite and energy vanished. Multiple tests and an ultrasound later, Lumi was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Unfortunately, all available funds were spent on diagnostic testing and there were no additional financial resources to obtain his medication once we knew what he had.

Lumi started a treatment one month ago thanks to the receipt of donations from so many kind souls and he has made amazing progress - his fever has vanished, his appetite has returned, and the fluid has disappeared. Most importantly, his quality of life has vastly improved - his purrs have returned, and he is fighting to stay. And so, I am fighting for Lumos.

The only chance Lumos has to live and know more years of love and safety is this treatment and the only reason Lumi is still here is because of the love and kindness of so many. If you’ve made it to the end of this, thank you for reading about my sweet fluffy boy, please send love, please send prayers. Any financial support will go directly to the cost of Lumi’s treatment. We are on day 31/84. Lumi is so close to being fully funded, any help no matter how small is so immensely appreciated!

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