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Hi everyone. This is Luke, and yes he has a twin sister named Leia. We spent thousands at 2 different vets trying to figure out what was wrong with him, only to eventually be told he had FIP. We were advised to put him down, and we had accepted that. I had even already called an in-home euthanasia service. But that first night back from the vet, something in me and my girlfriend just snapped and we decided we weren't gonna let him go without a fight, because he deserves every chance possible. We started the GS treatment that very night thanks to a wonderful person who was still awake, a town over from us. Since starting the shots he has practically returned to his normal self. This is a miracle drug. No more slipping back legs, he's gained weight, he sleeps comfortably, he eats and drinks more than ever, he jumps up on things.

We're amazed. Our fear now though, is being able to afford to continue as the cost increases with the dosages. I lost my job in Marketing when COVID19 hit, and unfortunately I'm one of the hundreds of thousands of people still waiting on unemployment. I'm draining my savings to pay my bills and now for Luke's meds. My girlfriends hours were cut a little but thankfully she is still working. We are asking anyone we can for any help they can offer to get Luke what he needs for the full treatment time so that he can stick around with his sister for many years to come. Every dollar helps. I am truly amazed by this drug and by this community, and expect to be an advocate for it, and a contributor to other peoples fights, once we're out of the woods with Luke. Thank you so much. I'll be keeping Luke's progress updated on the Facebook page.

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